In my household are 6 ferrets, 3 turtles, 4 sugar gliders, 2 cats and 2 hamsters. We buy ALOT of pet supplies.

We are normally customers of – a good pet supply website. We order things that quite often save us 50% or more over store prices. They provide superior service. All their items always come WELL packed in BRAND NEW boxes with adequate packing materials. If it all doesn’t fit in one box, they ship it in 2 boxes. They NEVER have shaved corners and even through in a FREE GIFT once without me asking!

Last week I got an email offer from for 25% off an order. They sell the same Ferret Food we buy at Doctors Foster and Smith so I went ahead and ordered 10 bags. What I got was a headache. First I had to call to get the shipping adjusted. Then when it FINALLY arrived, it arrived SMASHED. While they aren’t responsible for FedEX, I do hold them responsible for the inferior pack job that led to the box getting crushed. The box was OVERSTUFFED – they did not seperate it like Doctors Foster and Smith does. It was order #  W74848800000.

I’d ask for a complete refund to my credit card but it would take too much effort to pack this stuff up and send it back – esp in a way that would show them how it’s REALLY done!

But that’s not ALL. The stuff was smashed AND included at no extra charge was a paypal document, folded nice and neat, that gave me enough information to hack someone’s paypal account. It was an order for a Polaris Magnum 325 complete mudflaps.  It was folded NICE AND NEAT in the box.

I spent a total of $104.00 and got smashed product, smashed box, and the keys to someone’s paypal account nicely and neatly folded in my box. I won’t order from again. Ever.  No discount is worth this. Doctors Foster and Smith always went the EXTRA mile. I’ll stick with them. Word to the wise – was not worth it for me. See my review of Doctors Foster and Smith over on – Music City Ferrets.

I’d offer photos of Doctors Foster and Smith’s packing job but truth is I NEVER needed to take any. Below is’s pack job and how it didn’t survive FedEX delivery very well. CAM01037 CAM01035 CAM01034 CAM01033