After contacting they offered a $10 credit and free shipping. To me that didn’t cut it so I made a counter offer – they could send another 5 bags and I would review once again how they ship compared to Doctors Foster and Smith.

The box of 5 bags arrived today. There is NO PACKING MATERIAL unlike in Doctors Foster and Smith  boxes where there is packing materials – and the box was open. Again, things can happen in shipping but not usually to a WELL PACKED box. This box was NOT well packed.

The box was OPEN mainly I believe due to the inferior pack job once again.  I am deeply dissapointed in – I gave them another chance and they once again packed MUCH inferior to Doctors Foster and Smith. I will shoot some photos when I re-order from Doctors Foster and Smith again. I’ve ordered several times and everything comes in super sturdy well packed boxes.


The flap marked “260” is actually OPEN. It’s laying down but open.

CAM01084 CAM01085 CAM01086 CAM01087